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Wellness Coaching

Wellness can be defined as a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving your fullest potential. It is multi-dimensional and holistic, meaning it encompasses factors such as lifestyle, mental, spiritual, and environmental well-being. With wellness coaching, a client can learn how wellness is a process of making choices toward a more successful existence.

Wellness Coaching can help clients identify what “wellness” means to them individually. By helping them discover the areas in their lives that need more attention, it can result in helping them reach their healthy living goals. It teaches them that whole wellness is best when they can find balance in all areas of their lives. Wellness coaching is a good alternative for clients that have tried many other programs before but continue to return to old behavior patterns.

The main goal of wellness coaching is to build a client’s self-efficacy. The Wellness Coach does this with the client by:

  • Collaborating. Creating a partnership to develop individualized wellness plans.
  • Goal Setting. Helping clients to discover and create meaningful goals.
  • Strategizing. Creating a plan to accomplish intended goals and overcome barriers.
  • Motivating. Being their ally, helping to create change through encouragement and support.
  • Educating. Providing guidance and resources to assist clients through the process of change.

Wellness Coaching can address many different areas of health and wellness

  • Weight loss
  • Establishing healthy habits and making healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Sticking to a fitness program
  • Stress reduction
  • Time management
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Medical compliance orders
  • And much more!

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