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Barry Hanson


Janis Hauptly

EJ & Becky Marchewka

A Multidimensional Approach to Weight Loss

Tom Prichard

Jiten Patel

Wellness Coaching as a Resource in Weight Loss

Kevin Masters

The Role of the Wellness Coach

Weight-Loss Testimonial -Mary Ulery “Invest in yourself.”

Mary Ulery Orbera Balloon Weight-Loss Testimonial

Dawn & Will Rogers

Kevin Masters 2

Kevin Weight Loss

Debbie B “I like myself again.”

Debbie B “I went from 317lbs to 178lbs.”

Christie’s Story

Jessica’s Story

Kevin’s Stroy

Centegra Weight Loss Surgery Center Tour

The Many Benefits of an Egg

Centegra Orbera Balloon

Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery Center – Amir Heydari, MD

Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery Center – Before and After

Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery Center Facility Tour

Detox Program at the Centegra Healthy Living Institute

Weight Loss Surgery Informational Sessions

Choosing Healthy Fats

Gluten and a Gluten-Free Diet

Going Gluten Free – Is It Hype or Healthy

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Five Top Healthy Fats

What foods cause inflammation in the body?

Kevin Breen

Linda and Dave – “The weight just started falling off.”

Linda and Dave – “I wanted to get off my medications.”

Weight Loss Testimonial -Elizabeth Del Rosario “I know longer have type 2 diabetes.”


Weight Loss Testimonial -Elizabeth Del Rosario “I should have done this sooner.”

Sunday Setup: Making Healthy Food Choices Throughout the Week


Sunday Setup: Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Week of Eating

Sunday Setup: Tips for Getting To The Gym During the Work Week

Discussing a Detox

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