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Image of Brian before and after gastric bypass surgery

“Throughout my years of the overweight roller coaster, I finally got to a point in my life where enough was enough. My children were not getting any younger, and I had many health issues and was very unhappy with myself. Though I had gone to an informational session about bariatric surgery a couple years earlier, I chose to go to the one offered at Centegra. I was scared to say the least, but I knew I had to do something drastic.

I handed my insurance information in and 11 months later, had the complete gastric bypass surgery. I have been very fortunate with my results. I have a new lease on life! I have a new house, a very new positive outlook on life, a great new girlfriend, a new appreciation for life family and friends, and am virtually pain free. I can sleep through the night, play sports again and most of all maintain my weight. This could only be done because of the support and training received from the Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery team. I can control what I eat, and how much I eat. One of the great things about this surgery is that it is the extra tool I needed to take the weight off and keep it off. What a miracle this whole experience has been for me. I have my life back and am again in control of it. What a great feeling!!!”

Brian lost 200 pounds.

Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass

Before Surgery Stats:

Weight: 416 lbs
Medical Conditions: sleep apnea, high blood pressure, knee pain, foot pain, back pain, depression.

After Surgery Stats:

Weight: 216 lbs
Resolution/improvement of medical conditions: Resolution of all conditions.

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