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Eric & Emily

Image of Eric and Emily before and after gastric bypass surgery

Eric:   “I was overweight since high school and tried numerous diets over the years. All the diets sounded great for the first few months, but one minor hiccup on the diet and it’s over. We’ve all been there.  I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2004 when my wife, Emily, made me finally see the doctor after years of staying away. I knew I had problems I just didn’t want to know what they were or admit them. Our friend had bariatric surgery with Dr. Heydari and after being successful for a couple years, we decided to look into it.

After gastric bypass surgery in 2008, I am happy to have said goodbye to meds for high blood pressure and no more sleep apnea! I’ve run in two 5k races and am looking forward to more. This surgery saved me and has allowed me to live a life I never thought I would have years ago!” 

Eric lost 130 pounds.

Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass

Before Surgery Stats:

Weight: 325
BMI: 45.6
Medical Conditions: Sleep apnea, High blood pressure

After Surgery Stats:

Weight: 195
BMI: 27.2
Resolution/improvement of medical conditions: All resolved


Emily: “I started gaining weight as a teenager. In college, the freshman 15 turned into the freshman 50. The weight caused self-esteem issues and health problems including sleep apnea and chronic back pain. My husband Eric and I tried losing weight on our own, but the weight always came back. Our friend lost weight with bariatric surgery, so we looked into it. We went to the informational and educational sessions and agreed it was time. Everything in my life got so much better!”

Emily lost 115 pounds.

Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass

Before Surgery Stats:

Weight: 270
Medical Conditions: Sleep apnea, back pain and asthma

After Surgery Stats:

Weight: 155
Resolution/improvement of medical conditions: All resolved

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