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John and Michele Carbonara

Over the years, John and Michele Carbonara struggled with excess weight. At times they managed to diet away pounds; however, the weight always returned. “We’ve tried so many things that didn’t work,” Michele says. Their family histories weighed on their minds—each lost a father to heart disease at an early age. John had also developed a heart condition and Type 2 diabetes. “I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,” John says.

That was a turning point for the Carbonaras. They decided they wanted to be around a lot longer for their teenage daughter and enjoy life more. In the winter of 2011, both John and Michele had bariatric surgery as a part of the Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery program—the start of a journey toward a healthier weight and a new life.

Before Surgery stats:

Weight: 374 lbs (John), 377 lbs (Michele)
Medical Conditions: John had several weight-related health conditions; Michele had high blood pressure and back pain.

After Surgery stats:

Weight: 180 lbs (John), 164 lbs (Michele)
Resolution/improvement of medical conditions: John’s heart condition has improved and he no longer has to take diabetes medication or wear a breathing mask at night for sleep apnea.

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