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Taking Ownership of Your Health

Often our physical health is taken for granted.  We go about our job, family and social life and do not think too extensively regarding our health.  However, I challenge you to change that perspective and envision yourself as the “captain of your ship”.  The only way you are going to get to your destination is through your constant vigilance with an “eye on the horizon”.  There are certain factors which are non-modifiable: age, gender and ethnicity.  However, many behaviors are modifiable: weight, amount of exercise, diet, sleep and stress management.  All these factors can be addressed to benefit a healthier lifestyle and maintain a work/life balance.  According to Mahalik & Burns (2011), 50 percent of morbidity and mortality in the U.S. is a result of poor health behaviors.

Sometimes attempting to address all these issues at once can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. I challenge you to spend a few moments and self-reflect on one aspect of your lifestyle that you would like to address.  Write down a short term goal and long term goal and visualize a plan that you could institute to achieve these goals.  Commit some time for yourself daily to this goal in an attempt to gain some control over “your ship”. Make sure it is heading in the right direction of attaining your long-term goal.

Remember, each day is a new day to address this goal.  We make multiple choices on a daily basis that can be helpful or harmful to our health. Small steps made in the right direction each day can have significant impact on your health in the long term.

Tanya Tanzillo, MSN, APRN-BC, RHC-1

Mahalik, J. R., & Burns, S. M. (2011). Predicting health behaviors in young men that put them at risk for heart disease. Pscychology of Men & Masculinity, 12(1), 1-12.


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