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Centegra Bariatric Surgery Support Group

The Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery Center bariatric surgery support group is the heart of our weight loss program. The group meets twice a month and includes patients in all phases of the weight loss surgery experience. The group is facilitated by a registered nurse, and the main mission is to assist, inspire, educate and support patients before, during, and after bariatric surgery.

Ongoing support is an important component to achieving long-term success in the fight against obesity!

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Through our support group, you can:

  • Learn about other patients’ day-to-day struggles with obesity, their successes as they learn how to lose weight, and share your own.
  • Hear guest speakers, including physicians, registered nurses, dietitians, counselors and trainers, who provide valuable education on everything from BMI, to nutritious diets, to diabetes information, to exercise, to staying positive
  • Celebrate your successes with those who have experienced the journey
  • Take part in the fun clothing exchange events—get rid of the wardrobe you undergrow and freshen it up with some pieces that fit you. All items are $1 each
  • Participate in an optional group one mile to 5k walk in the spring
  • Participate in social events including the summer picnic, Halloween party and holiday party
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