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Staying on Your Weight Loss Journey During the Holidays


It has been written that the holiday season is no longer the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day but the months between Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Here are three keys to survival and staying on your weight loss journey throughout the winter holidays.

Stay Aware
In recent blogs we have written about the importance of food and exercise records in weight loss and weight maintenance. These records are even more important during the holiday season when stress, emotions and exposure to food is at a all year high. If you are keeping food records, continue to do so, if you aren’t, start today.  Write down what you eat and drink, how much and when. Continue to monitor portion sizes, use appetizer size portions instead of full portions at dinner meals.  Remember alcohol packs a calorie punch and can limit your resolve to make good food choices. Include exercise in this record! Continue to move. You may not be able to fit in a trip to the gym but how about trying a brisk walk around the neighborhood and enjoy your neighbor’s holiday decorations? Try including your family and friends!

Manage Your Stress and Emotions
To reduce stress ask family and friends to contribute dishes to the holiday meal to help lighten your load. Remember it is OK to say “No,” to offered food or activities that may promote overeating. Again, exercise can help with this, too!

Plan Ahead
Don’t go to the party or event hungry. Follow your usual meal pattern. If dinner will be eaten later or earlier than usual for you, plan ahead for that. Many times being over hungry will cause overeating. Ask the hostess what you can bring to share and make something you know you can eat. If out shopping or traveling to grandma’s house, take healthy, portable snacks with you.

Here’s to your healthy holiday season!

Sarah Buytendorp
RD, LDN, Bariatric Dietitian
Source:  www.MedicineNet.com/Holiday Weight Management

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