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Vitamins and Medical Foods

Metagenics Vitamins and Medical Foods

Pharmaceutical-Grade Vitamins and Medical Foods

Support your healthy lifestyle with the Metagenics® line of vitamins and supplements that can help your entire family achieve optimal health. Centegra has worked with clinicians and nutrition experts to provide you with scientifically calculated formulas to help you meet your lifestyle goals. Available products include:

  • PhytoMulti – the smartest multivitamin on the market. With a concentrated blend of fruits and vegetables, this vitamin provides phytonutrients, which go beyond wellness to activate health potential and defy aging.*
  • OmegaGenics EPA-DHA Fish Oil – the purest, cleanest fish oil on the market used for healthy skin, joints, heart, blood and brain. Any impurities are removed to provide you with reliable results. Infused with a pleasant lemon flavor.*
  • UltraFlora Balance Probiotic – one of the most recommended, practitioner-exclusive probiotic formulas for daily support of GI and immune health. Contains well-researched strains of microorganisms to provide exceptional quality. *

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