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OPTIFAST Testimonials

*The results shown are not typical, individual results might vary based on actual program participation.

Courtenay Hill Wilson

"“I’ve lost 73 pounds and no longer have to take cardiology medications. I’m a firm believer in the OPTIFAST program!”." - Courtenay Hill Wilson, OPTIFAST Patient *Results shown are not typical; individual results vary based on actual program participation.

Kevin Breen

"After about two weeks on OPTIFAST, I really started seeing results. Since beginning the program, I've lost 58 pounds, gone down three pant sizes and significantly lowered my cholesterol." -Kevin Breen, OPTIFAST patient *Results shown are not typical; individual results vary ...

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Linda and Dave Goss

"I wanted to get off my medications; I wanted to stop taking my blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I wanted to not be pre diabetic. That all happened with Centegra's OPTIFAST program." -Dave Goss, OPTIFAST patient "The hardest part was defiantly ...

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Bruce Treadway

"As a result of the OPTIFAST program, I now weigh 61 pounds less than I did 15 weeks ago. I feel better, I am happier, I'm more self-confident and everyone can see that. My friends and family are excited to ...

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Beth Kotecki

"I had just recently gone on blood pressure medicine in the first time in my life. I needed a kickstart - I saw the Optifast program with Centegra, and decided it would be perfect. I am in my 11th week, ...

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Kerri Wisz

"My biggest motivation for doing this program was that I saw a picture of myself. I knew how big I had gotten, but it was shocking. I've tried lots of other things in the past, and I just kept creeping ...

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