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OPTIFAST proves successful during the holidays


I am seeing patients this week right before the Thanksgiving holiday and think Optifast must be magic because everyone is checking in with three to five pounds of weight loss over the last five days.

Not a single patient is hungry on the diet, their labs are all rock solid stable and they feel great. This rapid weight loss will hopefully encourage them to continue on course during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday.

On average, the women are losing 40 to 50 pounds by the time they are going into transition at week 12. The men are amazing and can lose four to five pounds weekly on average.

We have one young male patient who has lost 77 pounds in 12 weeks. I’m watching the patients transform in front of my eyes. I see my patients at both Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center facilities. I have business people traveling and making successful weight-loss journeys. They are seeking exercise while on business trips when they didn’t do that before.

They all express that they are feeling great and having much more energy. One patient has been hoping to get pregnant in the future but has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and was anticipating fertility treatments. Over the past two months, due to her weight loss, she now has regular periods. Other patients are expressing simple things like fitting into chairs better.

I hope all our readers enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

Tanya Tanzillo, CNP

Optifast Manager/Medical Oversight

Centegra Health System


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