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Is a new look to food labels on the horizon?

The last time the nutrition panel information on a food product got a facelift was 1994. Today, 20 years later, the FDA has made a proposal for a change in the nutrition panel. Some of these changes include:

  1. More emphasis on calories by highlighting calories per serving
  2.  Breakdown of sugar content to include amount of added sugar not just total sugar content
  3.  Realistic serving sizes to reflect what people actually eat (ie. ice cream servings to increase from one-half cup to one cup, 20 ounce bottle of soda now will be one serving instead of 2.5)
  4. Labels would no longer identify the calories from fat

Although it might take years to see these changes, this is news we use as a recently released USDA study showed that 42 percent of working Americans are reading food labels and using the information to make food choices.

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Sarah J. Buytendorp
outpatient dietitian
Centegra Health System


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