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Keeping an Eye on Portion Sizes

portion sizes

A lot of times it may not be what you are choosing that is causing weight gain, but how much you are choosing or the portion size that is the problem. Too much of a good thing is usually never a good thing.

By definition a “portion” is the amount of food you choose to eat and a “serving” is a standard unit of measure to describe what is recommended.

We are exposed to messages promoting large portions of food almost everywhere we turn. To be successful at reducing portion sizes we need to “recalibrate” our eyes to see normal serving sizes and choose the right portions. If you are struggling with portion control or portion distortion try these suggestions:

  • Use smaller plates, bowls, glasses and utensils. Smaller amounts of food will seem normal if you downsize your plate.
  • Read food labels. Know what a portion of a particular food is. That 20-ounce bottle of soda contains 2.5 servings, but it is packaged to appear as a single serve item.
  • Purchase single serve, pre-portioned items, or, pre-portion those tempting treats.
  • Divide your plate in half. Use one half for fruits or vegetables and the other half for equal amounts of protein and starch.
  • Turn off the TV while you eat. You will actually eat less.
  • Avoid meal deals or combo specials.
  • Measure the foods you are actually putting on your plate.

You can retrain your sense of portion sizes. How much are you eating? Check out portion distortion and take the Portion Distortion Quiz.  If you have any additional questions regarding nutrition, contact our Wellness Techs today at 877-CENTEGRA.

Sarah J. Buytendorp, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian
Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery Center

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