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Do you know what your insurance covers for weight-loss surgery?

We help our patients navigate through the insurance process everyday.  Our specialist is well-versed with many different providers’ requirements to receive coverage, and we can assist you in working towards satisfying your insurance company’s requirements and submit your information for you.  We are happy to take the lead on your behalf in working with you and your insurance company.

Do you have questions about our cash pay options?

If insurance coverage is lacking or if you are ready to start your weight-loss journey without insurance coverage, we also have cash pay options for our different surgery types.

Are you looking for financing options?

Centegra contracts with Prosper Healthcare Lending to provide financing for those interested in weight-loss surgery. To inquire about a loan, click here.

Got a question about insurance or financing?  Ask Stephany, our insurance specialist for weight loss surgery.  Call (847) 802-7232.

Weight Loss Surgery Informational Sessions
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