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Healthy Snacking

One of the biggest downfalls in making poor choices when it comes to food is going long periods of time without eating and being “starved”.  This is typically when we reach for fast food items or pre-packaged snacks.  Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack may keep you from going long periods of time between meals and making bad choices. 

A mid-morning snack of a hard-boiled egg and carrots and an afternoon snack of a handful of almonds and a bunch of grapes can really go a long way.  When selecting your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks focus on picking a food with a good source of protein. These healthy snack choices can prevent us from larger portions at lunch and dinner. Drinking water throughout the day is also a great way to curb appetites and an excellent why to stay hydrated.

Picture these healthy snacks as fueling the body throughout the day for all the demands you are placing on it. Going long periods of time between meals doesn’t equate to weight loss but often more bad choices!

Tanya Tanzillo, MSN, APRN-BC, RHC-1

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