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Healthy Holiday Drinks

Change your beverages for weight management this holiday season

The holiday season is almost upon us. If your goal is to maintain or lose weight over the next six to eight weeks, being aware of the calorie content of the beverages you are drinking may be a good place to start.

Soda pop, coffee drinks, eggnog, party punches, fruit juice and alcoholic beverages are all sources of calories. Consider the calorie contribution of these beverages to your overall daily intake:

  • Regular soda pop (12-ounce can) 154 calories
  • Café mocha (12-ounce cup) 340 calories
  • Eggnog (one cup) 343 calories
  • Beer (12-ounce bottle) 153 calories
  • Mixed cocktail such as Bloody Mary (10 ounces) 125 calories
  • Fruit juice (one-half cup) 60 calories
  • White wine (five ounces) 120 calories

Making lower calorie or zero calorie beverage choices can make a big difference.  Try these options:

  • Alternate one alcoholic beverage with two non-caloric options, such as plain or seltzer water; water with a twist of lemon or lime; or diet soda with lime.
  • Try lower fat eggnog. One-half cup will provide 130 calories, which is lower in fat but still high in sugar, so limit the portion.
  • Have a piece of fruit in place of drinking fruit juice. You will feel more satisfied and get more fiber.
  • Try alcohol free mixed cocktails.
  • Try lower calorie or lower fat coffee drinks. Use a splash of cream to flavor or sugar free syrup as an option.

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