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Get “Back on Track”!

If you are struggling with an extended plateau or have regained weight after your weight loss surgery, then it’s time to reclaim your goals and get “Back on Track!”

This program is for individuals who have had weight loss surgery and have experienced a weight plateau and/or weight gain and hope to get “back on track.”

You’ll learn key elements that will lead to long-term success including:

  • goal setting
  • exchanging and sharing habits
  • understanding metabolism
  • using a kick start diet plan
  • incorporating exercise to achieve balance.

Registered Dietitans: You’ll work with a Registered Dietitian who will assist you with:

  • meal planning
  • goal setting
  • healthy recipes and more

Fitness Coaches: Get moving at a pace that works for you! Work with an expert to tailor your workout to your needs.


Achieve weight loss and weight maintenance with the Centegra Back on Track program.

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