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Gastric Bypass Testimonials

*Results shown are not typical; individual results vary based on actual program participation.

Kevin Masters

"It was back in May 2011, when I had gone to see my doctor. She told me I needed to make a change in my life and that I had to do something about my weight or I was going ...

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Charles Strada

"I tell everyone that I have a second chance at life since having Gastric-Bypass surgery in November 2008. Dr. Amir Heydari told me that if I hadn’t had the surgery, I would have only lived one more year because my ...

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Image of gastric bypass success story Vivian

"I had gastric bypass surgery and it was the best thing I ever did for myself.  I feel that it has changed everything in my life.  My health was so bad – I had sleep apnea, borderline diabetes…I thought “what ...

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John and Michele Carbonara

Over the years, John and Michele Carbonara struggled with excess weight. At times they managed to diet away pounds; however, the weight always returned. “We’ve tried so many things that didn’t work,” Michele says. Their family histories weighed on their ...

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Mary & Kevin

Image of Mary and Kevin before and after gastric bypass surgery

Mary:  “Before Gastric Bypass surgery, I was self-destructing. I had no energy to do anything and was afraid to go anywhere. This surgery gave me control of my life. No more high cholesterol or high blood pressure or GERD! My ...

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Image of Brian before and after gastric bypass surgery

“Throughout my years of the overweight roller coaster, I finally got to a point in my life where enough was enough. My children were not getting any younger, and I had many health issues and was very unhappy with myself. ...

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Eric & Emily

Image of Eric and Emily before and after gastric bypass surgery

Eric:   "I was overweight since high school and tried numerous diets over the years. All the diets sounded great for the first few months, but one minor hiccup on the diet and it’s over. We’ve all been there.  I was ...

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Image of Tim before and after gastric bypass surgery

“Before having gastric bypass surgery, I suffered from many serious health conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and pain in my knees, lower back and hips. With the help and support of my family, the weight loss support group, ...

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