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Eating right, affordably

Eating right can fit into anyone’s budget. Healthy food doesn’t always cost more. It often takes a little planning and perhaps thinking non-traditionally. The following are tips to keep you eating well and keep you on your budget during your shopping trip!

  1. Don’t buy for convenience. Choose items such as steel cut oatmeal in the canister, rather than prepackaged, individual servings or large container yogurt, rather than individual ones. As you peruse through your grocery store during your next trip, look out for all the opportunities such as this one to save money.
  2. Look for marked-down items that are near their expiration dates. These items can include fruits, vegetables, meat, breads and dairy. Often, these foods can be put into the freezer for another few weeks.
  3. Purchase in-season fruits and vegetables.
  4. Shopping the perimeter first will often satisfy the majority of your shopping list and allow you to limit the “extras” from the middle aisles where many of the processed foods are.
  5. Vary your protein sources. Egg and bean dishes will help with your menu variety and cost less than meat.

By Tiffanie Young MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian

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