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Centegra Kids in Motion


The Centegra Kids in Motion program is a unique class designed to help children and their families lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

The Centegra Kids in Motion program is led by registered dietitians, exercise specialists and behavioral specialists working together to offer education and support to lead a healthier lifestyle through nutrition education, behavioral therapy and physical activity for ages 8-13. This is an interactive, fun and effective 8-week course.

Adults participate in 8 educational classes where they will learn how to:

  • Make healthier meals
  • Choose more nutritious foods
  • Set family eating principles and overcome challengesKids in Motion Centegra logo
  • Eat on a budget

Children will participate in 8 classes that blend nutrition, education and activities, helping them to learn:

  • How to choose healthier foods
  • What a healthy snack is
  • Fun topics such as “go slow, whoa” foods, “avoid the alligators” (supersizing) and more

Plus, parents and children over 12 may enjoy use of Centegra Health Bridge prior to class! Daycare is provided for children under 12. Scholarships available.

Download our brochure or for more information, please call 877-CENTEGRA.

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