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Breakfast Cookies

2 cups whole wheat flour

2 cups old fashioned oats

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 c plain yogurt

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 c raisins

2 medium bananas

1 egg

3/4 cup brown sugar

2 Tbsp canola oil

  1. Combine flour, oats, baking powder, baking soda, raisins and cinnamon in a large bowl.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine mashed bananas, egg, sugar, oil, yogurt and vanilla.
  3. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir to combine.
  4. Using a cookie scooper or spoon, drop by spoonful onto parchment-lined cookie sheet, making 36 balls. Flatten each ball to form a cookie shape.
  5. Bake for 10 min at 350 degrees F.

Nutrition Information per serving (36 servings total): 70 calories; 1 grams fat; 14 grams carbohydrates; 2 grams protein; 2 g fiber

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