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Big on Berries this Summer?

Are you getting your three-to-five fruits and vegetables daily? If not, berries are a great fruit to add in daily. The benefits of berries include heart health, anticancer effects by inhibiting tumor growth and decreasing inflammation in the body, and improving both motor coordination and memory. The fiber content of berries, primarily found in the skin, regulates blood sugar and keeps it steady. The berries that show benefit include blueberries, strawberries, black currants, blackberries, eggplants, cranberries and grapes. A serving size for berries is one-half cup, four strawberries and 17 grapes.

So how do you get the recommended three or more servings of a variety of these berries per week?

·       Top your cereal (warm or cold) with berries
·       Top your yogurt with berries
·       Top your waffles and/or pancakes with berries
·       Add some frozen berries with milk and a protein supplement for a quick, on the go smoothie
·       Top your salad with berries
·       Stir some berries into light couscous or quinoa
·       Mix some berries with nuts for a quick, on the go snack

Remember after weight loss surgery, fresh fruits and vegetables are not recommended for the first three months but no-sugar-added frozen, canned or bowls work great! Please call the Centegra Weight-Loss Surgery Center at 877-CENTEGRA (877-236-8347) with any questions.

Betsy Felde RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian
Centegra Weight Loss Surgery Center
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Source Today’s Dietitian June 2013- “Latest scoop on berries”

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